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Just because your website displays ok in certain browsers does not mean the markup is valid and in some cases just because it works today does not guarantee that it will work tomorrow, while many browsers are set out to be bug compatible many browsers are working towards standards compliance in newer releases so Validation is one of the best ways to check whether a website page is built in accordance with Web standards. If your websites pages are W3C compliant you are less likely to run into certain problems such as elements of your page not displaying correctly or certain functions not operating correctly also it makes it much easier when coming to debug any problems you may have been encountering. Below is and example of some of the errors found upon the completion of this website, all the errors encountered have now have been dealt with keeping the pages on this website in accordance with Web standards

Upon completion of this website to my surprise the W3C validator had encountered thirty plus errors on all pages equating to over one hundred and eighty in total yet the website worked and displayed flawless, the errors uncounted were due to numerous reasons such as stray end tags, duplicate id's, language not declared, surplus javascript tags amongst others which have all now been addressed now we can proudly display the W3C valid HTML web badge on our web pages, if you click the badge below you will be taken to the W3C website were you can view our results and even run a test on your very own web pages.
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W3C Valid

De-Bug Devices

Error free helps De-Bug

Error free code can help when it comes to debugging your website across browsers.

Helps ensure Images

Are Displayed Correctly

Error free code can help ensure your web images display correctly in browsers.

Valid HTML5

Across all browsers

Make sure your website continues to work on all browsers with error free valid HTML web pages.

Clean code

Eliminate render issues

By eliminating errors you can ensure your pages render correctly in all browsers.