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Are you looking for a website speed optimization company or a website designer who can optimize your website speed then this is what STR can do for you today.

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Speed Optimization

Website search and speed optimization

Website speed and page build is a key factor when considering SEO as nobody wants to wait for a website to load and Google certainly don't want to present there users with a list of web sites that take forever to render and with many peoples increasing use of mobile devices the more the page weights the more that website costs to view and eats up all your hard earned mobile data. At Google speed insights you can check your websites performance, this website built by STR scored a huge 99/100 for mobile and desktop and it would of scored 100/100 if it was not for including Google analytics script in the header of the page but i guess Google wont frown on that as this is where the script must go. Want to test your websites speed and optimization then click here

Things you will need to, consider when looking to optimize your website and page speed, minify javascript, minify CSS, minify HTML, optimize images, prioritize visible content, reduce server response time, enable server compression, eliminate render blocking javascript and css in above the fold content, avoid landing page redirects.

What STR Did

Mobile Optimization

Mobile device insights

Elements must be easily click-able on smaller mobile devices as well as on larger screens and devices such as desktop PC's.

Image Optimization

Reduce image size

It's important to reduce the size of your images as much as possible with loosing as little quality as possible.

Minify HTML5

Reduced page size

The smaller the page size in kilobytes the quicker a page can load so by minifying all the HTML it helps increase the page speed.

Render Blocking Code

Eliminate render blocking

By eliminating all render blocking scripts the page can load without the need to wait for certain scripts to load before commencing.