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This website is designed using Dreamweaver and hand coded methods such as Javascript JQuery HTML5, CSS and much more but dont worry I also specializing in wordpress CMS websites amongst others.

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This is STR

Welcome To my HTML5 CSS Javascript experience

This website is built solely from HTMNL5, CSS and Javascript technology, no CMS evolved .

This Website Is Responsive

Built For All Browsers & Devices

The Features Are World Class

Retina Ready

Retina ready responsive websites.

W3C Valid HTML5

Click the logo to check this pageValid HTML5.

Cross Browser

Cross browser compatibility.

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My Skills

What I Do Best

Some of the key skills areas I possess but certainly not the only ones, and with the ability to work locally using WAMP MAMP etc changes never hit the live site until the work is approved. Software I use regular include Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Putty, FileZilla, MAMP, Notepad ++, IBP, GIMP, Sublime, Team viewer, Excel and Office amongst many other brands of softwares not mentioned above, if in doubt please ask.

  • 100% fluent in HTML
  • 100% fluent in CSS
  • 100% fluent in Wordpress/Woocommerce CMS
  • 100% fluent in SEO
  • 100% fluent in SMO

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STR Services Are World Class

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies trends and website design help keep STR website design well informed and well inline with world class quality designs.

STR will take your awesome ideas and turn them into reality

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize Your Website

Are you looking to appear in organic search results on popular search engines such as Google amongst others then Search engine optimization is what you need, being based in Burnley does not mean STR only offer search engine optimization in Burnley as with work being carried out online its available to anyone in the UK.

get my website number one on goole
Jun 23

Number 1 Spot

On Google

UK Number one spot on in the organic search engine results for one of the main keywords for this Manchester companies products showing STR is not only capable of search engine optimization in Burnley but very capable of offering search engine optimization across the UK.

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search engine optimization
Jun 23

Google Number 1 Spot

2nd Chosen Keyword

Using white-hat search engine optimization techniques and through many years experience which is kept closely to myself the most highly desired search term for this Manchester companies product was achieved, so being based in Burnley shows STR is not only capable of offering search engine optimization in Burnley but well capable of offering search engine optimization in Manchester and across the UK.

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seo services
Jun 23

Another Number 1

3rd Chosen Keyword

Most companies and freelances alike will offer there SEO services to you with the greatest of promises but pretty much no one has any evidence to show, here I have the third highly desired keyword for this Manchester company which a number one spot on Google was achieved for.

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Artwork Portfolio

Some of STR Recent Works

Some of the recent artwork undertaken, if you are looking for a graphic designer to design flyer's, posters, event tickets or business cards then look no further, all artwork includes free revision.

Cleaning Service Flyer

Cleaning service business flyer.

business flyer design

Car Parts Logo

Car Parts Logo & Social Media Header.

logo design

Car Mechanic Flyer

Car mechanic business flyer design.

business flyer

E commerce Mock-up

E commerce website mock-up design.

ecommerce product mock-up design

Mobile Phone Flyer

Mobile phone repair business flyer design.

mobile phone business flyer design

E commerce Mock-ups

E commerce product mock ups design.

product design service

Social Media

Social Media Management

Social media management covering optimization, scheduled posts, API's, Facebook and Twitter developer apps, social media cross posting, Facebook headers, and more if in doubt please ask.

Jan 01

Facebook Likes

Page Likes

Almost four thousand genuine likes added in one month for a customers Facebook page if you would like more likes for your page helping you gain more reach with a bigger audience then get in touch and I will see what I could do for you.

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social media optimization services
Jan 31

Facebook Post Reach

Facebook Audience

The amount of people your Facebook post reaches is very important, you can see in the performance graph above this page was not performing very well with very little reach in the low thousands this I turned this around very quick starting on the 31st of Jan helping the page reach an organic audience of 50,000+ in a very sort time frame.

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social media services
Feb 03

Facebook Share

Facebook Audience Shares

The more engaging posts created for your social media page the more audience is likely to share with family and friends, I can help you create well timed scheduled posts for your Facebook pages to help create engaging posts your audience will love and want to share helping you reach a greater audience.

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